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When Brandi isn't singing, laughing and cooking up a storm with her children and husband, she's meeting colorful characters through her work as a photographer. It's in the quiet, cool hours before the sun has risen that she pursues one of her greatest passions: storytelling. To date, her works include the three-part series Granny Thee Unstoppable, as well as her Christmas story There Ain't No Reindeers on the Bayou and her upcoming book My Daddy Said Pretty Girls Don't Need Makeup. So, pick up a snack, invite some friends, and enjoy Brandi's Books.

Brandi always loved stories. As a child she would make up tales to tell her younger brother at bedtime. When she became a mother herself, she found even more joy in sharing made-up adventures with her own kids before they drifted off to sleep. These days, when she isn't busy being a mom or working as a professional photographer, you can find Brandi writing stories for kids of all ages to enjoy. Her most recent project is an illustrated three-part series called Granny Thee Unstoppable - which follows the wacky antics of an elderly woman who just doesn't know when it's time to quit! Other popular titles include There Ain't No Reindeers on the Bayou - a heartwarming Christmas story set in Louisiana - and the forthcoming book My Daddy Said Pretty Girls Don't Need Makeup which offers an empowering message for young girls everywhere. So go ahead and grab your favorite snacks and settle in for some fun reading with Brandi's Books!

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